Better Thoughts,
Better Mind

A place to practice more of what you want to become.

Thank you so much for creating a space for people like me who are struggling to be better. This gives me hope that things can change and it starts with me! The app is made wonderfully and I’m glad I discovered it.

“This app helps strengthen your belief and mindset, no matter how life has gotten you down.”

“This is the best affirmation app you can get right now! It is very customizable but it has a lot of preset affirmations that are great to use. You can set up reminders and journal. It’s awesome. This all will change your life!”

“This is for anyone who struggles with manifesting positive things and has been doubting themselves. It is also for those who want to add another layer of power to their day. This app has been changing my life daily.

“This app is helping me control my daily weird/negative thoughts. Been looking for an app like this! Would recommend to anyone who wants to bring more peace in their life.”


Simple Minimalist Design

Affirm Me is an app about mindfulness — a place to practice more of what you want to become.

Better Habits = Better You

Affirm Me makes it way more fun to build effective daily mental habits — easy as brushing your teeth!

What You Water, Grows

You water the thoughts you want more of. You starve those you don’t. Let the good thoughts grow!

An Affirmations Journal

Prompts that guide you towards what you want to attract through your affirmations practice. 

100s of Hand Written Affirmations

Use these suggestions to inspire yourself, then write your own!

Unlock Your Potential

It’s important to have fun while you work on yourself — happy thoughts, happy mind, happy life!

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