How the Power of Affirmations Can Be Enhanced With Music

by | May 10, 2020 | Misc

Music is a gift to us all. 

Regardless of style or origin, it allows us to create a deeper connection with ourselves and one another – a connection that does not know the bounds of words, geographic location or languages. 

When we designed Affirm Me, we knew that not only did we want to include a music feature – but that we wanted to add a whole new level of connection to your practice through original music.

I’ve been playing and recording guitar for over 20 years. Odelia plays piano and is in the process of recording some of her own tracks for the app. 

While we did purchase a few of the tracks like the Pacific ocean waves and New Zealand rainforest (hard to record in HD, ha!), the app includes many instrumental tracks written and recorded by us. We even learned how to create our own binaural beats!

One of our main goals in doing this was eliminating the overwhelm of finding suitable music for your affirmation practice. There is an infinite stream of music available to us nowadays and it can be frustrating trying to find the perfect background music for your affirmation practice.

So we combined it all – written/spoken affirmations, an affirmation journal and the option to listen to music while you practice. 

How the power of affirmations can be enhanced through music:

At this point you may be wondering, why should I add music to my affirmation practice anyway?

We are firm believers that the power of affirmations can be greatly enhanced by music. 

Here are a few reasons why:

  • Of our 5 senses, interpreting words and visuals is far more mentally taxing and requires a good amount of brainwork to make sense of what we’re experiencing. Instrumental or ambient sound, on the other hand, goes directly to the brain – no extra processing required. This allows you to fully absorb our affirmations, sinking deeply into your state of flow.
  • Igniting multiple senses at once is an effective way to influence your brain’s habit-forming powers. Think about the important role smell, taste and sound play in your most cherished memories; they allow you to vividly remember what you experienced in that moment. The same is true for combining sound with affirmations – helping your brain to access new depths and understanding each time you practice.
  • Music helps us tune out distractions going on around us. This can be especially helpful when we want to practice in a noisy environment, when we need a boost of confidence right before a big presentation or when we just need a quick way to recenter. 

Music is like the sunrise: each day presents a fresh opportunity for us to tap into abundant creativity and universal flow. We find so much joy in creating music, and our hope is that our tunes bring a little peace, calm and clarity to your affirmation practice; if so, then we’ve done our duty ???? ???????? ???? . 

Ready to have a listen? You can download the Affirm Me app for free right here.

We sincerely hope you enjoy the music! ☺️???????? ????


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