How to Use Affirmations When You Aren’t in a Positive Mindset

by | May 9, 2020 | Misc

This is the very first post in a new series that will teach you how to use affirmations in your life in an approachable and sustainable way.

Many of us want to feel better in our daily life, but we just don’t know how. That’s where affirmations come in.

By changing the way we think, we have the ability to transform both our inner and outer world.

However, one common hurdle in developing a daily practice can be our concept of positivity.

Oftentimes, positive affirmations are recommended to us by books, friends, family or online sources. 

Yet forcing yourself to recite positive affirmations can feel empty if you do not believe them (yet).

Is it possible to start an affirmation practice from a place of  beaming with positivity? 

Absolutely! In fact, that’s where I started my journey and what led me to creating Affirm Me in the first place – you can read more about that here.

A note on positive affirmations

Positivity, and specifically the use of positive affirmations, is a trend that has been gaining major traction in the past ten years. While that can seem uplifting, it can feel frustrating or even fake if you are at a point in your life that is not a positive place.

You may feel left out, or like an affirmation practice is just not for you – and those feelings are completely valid. 

The key is to remember that we are human, and we will never have an all-encompassing human experience that is purely positive or purely negative; you need a blend of the two to create balance.

So while you may be starting to practice affirmations from what feels like a negative headspace, know that your practice and beliefs will evolve and create shifts over time. 

Today I want to offer you three tips for how to use affirmations for those of you who want to begin a practice, but might feel unsure of how to go about it if you are not in a positive place in your life.

Start where you are.

There are no rules to abide by when it comes to affirmations, so start small and start where you are.

Beginning with something along the lines of “I am amazing at public speaking” or “I am fearless” may seem like a big jump at first. 

Instead, focus on creating supportive affirmations for your current season of life.

These can be as simple as “I’m okay just being me today.” 

Here are a few other ideas:

  • I appreciate myself for showing up today.
  • I am trying.
  • I am present for this moment.

Note how these affirmations aren’t bursting at the seams with positive language, yet they can still be just as effective over time. Small steps lead to big results!

Create original affirmations.

As you become more in-tune with a few simple affirmations that resonate with you, you can then consider creating one or two original affirmations. 

This can be helpful when it comes to starting from a hard point in your life, because the words will feel authentic to you; therefore having a deeper impact than what you might feel with pre-written suggestions. 

Again, focus on supportive language. You can begin with a simple pre-written affirmation, and add bits and pieces to make it your own. 

Also consider adding in the use of music and/or journaling to your practice to help you absorb the affirmations. We designed Affirm Me with this in mind, as we found this to be beneficial through our own personal practice. The app has both instrumental and ambient music, as well as an affirmation-focused journal feature. 

Consistency is key.

Above all, consistency trumps skill and even passion. 

As we’ve all come to learn, life’s a long (infinite) marathon, not a sprint – and the same can be said about affirmations. 

One or two minutes a day of practicing a new habit is much more powerful than zero time spent. Zero means the exact absence of anything; meaning even one minute per day is going to take you miles farther than doing nothing at all.

Aim for the small wins, ones that stick with you. 

We don’t always have to be hustling to reach our next goal. Sometimes, showing up even for a little bit is enough to change the trajectory of our lives.

I hope these tips gave you valuable insight on how to use affirmations, even when you may be starting from a dark place. 

If you are ready to begin your practice, you can download our daily affirmation app for free right here. 




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